STATUS: Assessment Phase
Community Background

Tambanal and Ayaloma are two neighboring communities located in the Andes mountains of south-central Ecuador. Most of the community members are agricultural producers and ranchers. What little remains of the water system installed in 1963 by the local government has fallen into disrepair. As a result, many individuals carry water in 10-liter containers uphill from sources that reportedly dry up during the summer. In addition, the water is not treated which is thought to be causing health problems, especially among young children.

Project Overview

The communities requested the help of our chapter in designing and constructing a water distribution system. Since then, we have established and maintained contact with the communities themselves, their leadership, a communal water board, the NGO Institutos Ecologistas and the municipal government of Chillanes. The project is in the pre-assessment phase of this project, and is working with Institutos Ecologistas to conduct preliminary water testing and capture photo/video of key sites.  Approximately 150 people will be directly impacted by this project. Travel for the assessment trip is being planned for late 2022.


September 2021

Project was approved with EWB-USA.

May 2022

EWB-PPC joined this project in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh student chapter.

July 2022

The team continues to plan for travel in late 2022.

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Project Team

John Van Gehuchten
Project Lead

John Van Gehuchten

Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC)

John Hamilton

International Development Mentor

Makenzie White


Roger Price

Technical Mentor