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Although the name of our organization is Engineers Without Borders, we need more than just engineers to make our projects a success. We are always looking for volunteers from a variety of different backgrounds to join our project teams, as well as manage the operations of the chapter. Some examples of specific needs are (but not limited to) the following backgrounds:

  • Civil Engineering - Water Resources

  • Civil Engineering - Structural

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Fundraising

  • Public Health

  • Medicine

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Cross-Cultural Development

  • Language Skills (Spanish, Kichwa)

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Marketing and Public Relations

  • ...and more!

If you are interested in volunteering with our chapter, contact us today or join the mailing list for one of our projects using the buttons below.

Join a project mailing list:

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