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STATUS: Design Phase
Community Background

Founded in 1939, the South Side Community Council (SSCC) gives a voice to the residents of the South Side Flats neighborhood and strengthens the community by celebrating and embracing its history and its arts and cultures. Through collaboration and community partnerships, it will address the challenges facing the South Side while improving the quality of life and economic vitality of the neighborhood.

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Project Overview

The South Side Community Council (SSCC) wants to renovate Esser Plaza in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh. SSCC would like this space to become a welcoming, open space where the community can gather. In the past, the estimated cost for design and construction to renovate this plaza exceeded the available funding. For the city government, it was low priority to help the SSCC with this project. EWB-Pittsburgh Professional Chapter is partnering with SSCC to advance the design of this plaza and use EWB members’ knowledge of engineering and landscape architecture to renovate the plaza. These renovations will improve the safety of the area surrounding the plaza.

EWB-Pittsburgh Professional Chapter is gaining all the necessary approvals through Community Engineering Corps for this local project. 

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July 2016

EWB-PPC meets with partner SSCC to gather ideas and begin renovation designs. 

July 2016-present

EWB-PPC continues to work on revised designs and get feedback and gain approvals from SSCC.

July 2017

Target date for beginning of construction.

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