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STATUS: Assessment Phase
Community Background

The community of El Progreso is made up of approximately 40 families. It is located in the Northwestern corner of Ecuador, in the Esmeraldas region. Most of the community works in the agriculture industry and the children go to school an hour’s walking distance away. During the dry season (June to December), there is little access to river water and the community needs to purchase water at a nearby village (Walte) and transportation has to be by horse. Their main drinking water source is a shallow, stagnant river and many of the community members are experiencing illnesses that are believed to be caused from drinking this water. 

Project Overview

The first Assessment Trip for the El Progreso project is scheduled for the summer of 2018. That effort will include data collection related to water quality, topographical surveys, and a baseline health assessment. Upon completion, the team will put together a design alternatives analysis with input from the community before selecting a design to proceed with.


January 2017

EWB-PPC learns about the need for a clean water project in El Progreso through a contact at Ecuador Tierra Viva, an NGO working in the area.

September 2017

The El Progreso project is formally approved by EWB-USA.

Project Leads

Joao Pereira, Emily Eichner
Project Leads

Ana Flores
International Development Lead

Roger Price

Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC)

Chris Flynn

Technical Mentor

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